Stainless Carbonation Cap TEE – convert PET bottles to mini kegs

304 Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap Tee

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Highlighted Features
  • 🍻Connecting three directions,to attach both a liquid and gas
  • 🍻304 food grade stainless steel,to ensure health and safety, Good wear resistance and durability, can be used for a lifetime,It is more resistant to oxidation and discoloration than brass, and less prone to breakage and damage than plastic materials
  • 🍻Internal direct channel,use with carbonized head link,can make a small beer system
  • 🍻Easy to clean, standard size, and Flexible installation
  • 🍻It have two MPT interfaces and one FPT interface ,full size design for easy passage of gas


304 Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap Tee Piece For Brewing to attach both gas and liquid – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Possible Applications…

… Line cleaning setup of convert compatible PET bottles to mini ball lock kegs – See: Hands on Review: Kegland Ball Lock Cleaning Kit – that features a different tee, but similar idea

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