Higher Wattage Gear? 16A, 1,920 Watt Pymeter Digital Two Stage Digital Temp Controller

Pymeter Digital Temperature Controller Dual Probe Reptile Thermostat Controlled Outlet for Terrarium Heat Mat Heating Pad, Switch Cooling Fan Freezer Fridge ON & Off at Setpoints 10A 1200W

Pymeter Digital Temperature Controller

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  • 🏆🏆【Excellent Value for Money】Dual Probes, Dual Outlets, Dual Zones Control, it's a Dual Controllers in ONE Unit. More than DOUBLE the functionality of other thermostats!
  • 🍺🍺【Incredibly Easy Setup】Just need to set outlet 1 turn ON at A temp point, turn OFF at B temp point, and set outlet 2 turn ON at C temp point, turn OFF at D temp point, then outlet 1 will control temp in the range of A~B, and outlet 2 will control temp in the range of C~D.
  • 🔥💦【Flexible Heating/Cooling】Heating+Coloing, Heating+Heating, Cooling+Heating, Cooling+Cooling, any combination as you want.
  • 🎯🎯【Fairly Accurate】Accurate to 0.1°F both in setting and reading, Control Accuracy can be set within 1°F, e.g. control temp in the range of 85.5°F~85.9°F.
  • 🐠🐠【Safe and Reliable】Support High and Low Temperature Alarm; Temperature Difference Alarm, which is very helpful to keep target safe from malfunction of any one sensor. Cooking fishes NEVER happen!


Dual stage temperature controller with 1,920 watt rating. I would say that 1,920 watt is a higher capacity than many of the homebrew controllers out there. The other higher capacity controller that I’m aware of is Inkbird’s ITC-608T. That has an 1,800 watt rating.

Pymeter 2 in 1 Digital Temperature Controller Dual Outlet Heat Mat Thermostat Reptile Greenhouse Heater Home Brewing Freezer Cooling Heating Pad Control 16A 1920W – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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