Limited Edition – Plinian Progeny Triple IPA – 3 Hop Shops + 19 Ounces of Hops


Russian River’s Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA has for multiple years topped Zymurgy Magazine’s “Best Beers in America” list.  It is an amazing beer.  Distribution is limited and even when it is available, it can sell out quickly.

Brewing Pliny

MoreBeer has collaborated directly with Vinnie Cilurzo, owner and brewer at Russian River Brewing Company, to bring you recipe kits for Pliny the Elder double IPA as part of their BrewMaster Series of recipe kits.  From the description “This is THE original Pliny recipe”.  I’ve brewed the all grain version of this beer and it has been one of the best beers to come out of my home brewery.  See: Brewing Pliny

About: Estimated Original Gravity:1.070-74, Estimated SRM: 10, IBU’s: 198-202 (this is a theoretical number, you will actually get around 100 IBU), Est ABV: 8%.

Russian River’s Pliny the Elder – Extract Beer Kit

Russian River’s Pliny the Elder – All Grain Beer Kit

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Other recipes are out there include Northern Brewer’s Plinian Legacy attempt at cloning this beer.  I’ve tried that recipe and it makes a great beer, although I know of no other homebrew recipe that claims direct collaboration with Vinny like MoreBeer’s does.  MoreBeer’s Pliny the Elder Kit is one of the best beers that has ever come out of my homebrewery.  I can highly recommend it to you.


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  1. Frank

    What a waste of ingredients. 3 hop shots?!? 1 is more than enough for a hop bomb featuring 19ounces of non-extracted hops.


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