Announcing: RAPT WiFi/Bluetooth Enabled Temp Controller + RAPT Chamber Deal + Finding the RAPT Pill

rapt wifi controllerFrom MoreBeer:

The New RAPT WiFi-enabled temperature controller allows you to monitor, track and control heating and cooling devices remotely via any internet connection. From the portal, easily monitor and adjust your fermentation temp settings remotely. You can also set customized fermentation temperature profiles that will run automatically for you. This is an amazing upgrade to your existing temperature controller!

RAPT Digital Temperature Controller | WiFi/Bluetooth Enabled | RAPT Portal Compatible FE971

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 Finding the RAPT Pill…

The RAPT Pill allows accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control via wifi/bluetooth integration with the RAPT fermentation chamber (KL15813), RAPT mobile app or RAPT IOT.

The RAPT Pill is tough to find in the US. Our RAPT Pill Page tracks options as they become available.

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