Beer Pump Battle! See Kegland’s New 65 Watt Pump In Action

KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Center Inlet Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 13.5 GPM | 65 Watt from MoreBeer

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The “Big Brother” to one of our best-selling pumps! Expect the same quality that customers have come to expect from the MKII Pump (PMP500) but with more power. This 65 watt magnetic drive pump is powerful enough for homebrewers and micro brewers alike. Use it to move hot wort in an all-grain system and also to transfer wort from boil kettle to fermenter. The pump head is made from 304 grade stainless steel with 3/4″ threaded ports that can easily be converted to tri-clamp. The magnetic drive allows you to slow down the flow without damaging the pump. This pump is not self-priming so do not run the pump dry. The pump head can be rotated in 60-degree increments, allowing for 6 different pump head orientations.

We recommend adding two 1.5″ T.C. x 3/4″ Female BSPP adapters to the ports. From there you can use a ForgeFit 1.5″ T.C. x Male QD to use quick disconnects with your lines, or convert to your preferred tri-clamp fittings.


110V / 60hz
Max Head: 15-21 ft.
Max Flow: 13.5 Gal/min
Max Temp: 248°F (120°C)
Rotatable 304 stainless steel pump head
3/4″ BSPT fittings
Water resistant casing


KegLand MKII Magnetic Drive Pump | Center Inlet Pump Head | Stainless Steel | 13.5 GPM | 65 Watt PMP502


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