Stainless Steel Glass Rinser Drip Tray via AIH – $79.99 + free shipping

Glass Rinser Assembly for Drip Tray

Drip tray glass rinser assembly via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Glass Rinser Drip Tray

  • Overall Size: 11-3/8″ L X 6-3/8″ W
  • Glass Rinser Area: 6-3/8″L X 6-3/8″ W
  • Mount Area: 5″L X 6-3/8″ W
  • Type: With Drain
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Material: SS 304


  • Rinse away any impurities that might be in the glass.
  •  Chill the glass utilizing cold water.
  • A wetted glass pours better


Stainless construction.  Rinsing the glass chills it and helps your beer pour better.

Glass Rinser Assembly for Drip Tray

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