How to Find a Discontinued Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener – An Amazing Bottle Opener!

Craftsman Bottle Cap Wrench Bottle Opener, 9-44500

Updated: 6/3/2024

Why it’s amazing

Craftsman wrench style bottle openers (model 44500) are… great. They are heavy tool-quality bottle openers that came with a Craftsman lifetime warranty.

These are built like a regular wrench and as a result feel substantial.  If you’re a cap collector, it also does a great job of removing caps without messing them up too much.  You basically end up with an intact cap with a dimple in the middle of it. This appeared in my annual gift guide for years.

Through my years of being a craft beer lover and homebrewer this remains one of my favorite bottle openers.

It’s so amazing…. they apparently stopped making it. As of this update, I know of no source that sells these new.

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This is the actual Amazon product page (again, it’s been out of stock for years) – Craftsman Bottle Cap Wrench Bottle Opener, 9-44500 – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link


There is a replacement, kind of… CRAFTSMAN Bottle Opener, Manual Handheld Beer Bottle Opener (CMHT65086) – still cool looking but not quite the beast that the 44500 is.

There are some other similar bottle openers…

Finding a Craftsman 44500 Wrench Style Bottle Opener

The only place I’ve been able to find these is eBay. I’ve seen them from $9 on up to $45 and more.

Find a great source for these? Connect with me and let me know!

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  1. Dave C

    This is my favorite opener. If you are lucky, you still might find one made in USA. They have been made in China for the past few years, unfortunately. Check the back of the tool.


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