Announcing: New Kegland Carbonation Ball Lock Cap Tee Fitting – $2.99 + Free Ship Eligible

Carbonation Ball Lock Cap Tee Fitting KG501

Carbonation Ball Lock Cap Tee Fitting via MoreBeer

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This simple tee fitting allows you to turn a PET growler or repurposed soda bottle into a portable, pressurizable growler. PCO 1881 threading on all ends—the most common threading for plastic soda bottles. One end is female threaded to attach to your vessel, and the other ends are male threaded in order to accept two Carbonation Cap Ball Lock Adapters. A small length of 3/16″ ID tubing can be attached to your bev-out cap to function as the dip tube. If you’re using EVABarrier tubing, simply connect using a Duotight reducer.

Tee fitting only. Does not include Carbonation Caps or PET growler.

KegLand Part Number: KL14830


Carbonation Ball Lock Cap Tee Fitting KG501

Note that the pictured bottle and caps are not included.  You’ll need two of these… Carbonation and Line Cleaning Ball Lock Cap – Plastic FE133

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