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BLC Liquid Line Cleaner

This Alkaline based beer line cleaner is excellent in mineral deposits and soiling from beer lines, beer faucets and other items. It can be used with all types of cleaning equipment, including manual and mechanical beer line cleaners. If you are a homebrewer you can push it through using a keg! This product was developed in 1966 and was the first approved and widely used liquid line cleaner. It is still used by restaurants, bars and breweries today.

Works in cold or hot water and quickly dissolves.
Non-hazardous and safe to ship
You only need 1/2 ounce in a quart of water
Can be used not only in beer lines but also for wort chillers, HERMS coils, faucets, Jockey Box Coils and plates, kegerators and other items
To use just add 1/2 of BLC per quart of water and run solution in line. Keep solution in line for at lease 15 minutes by stopping flow or circulating. Use clean water to push product out of lines and rinse the lines.


  • 32 ounces of BLC for $11.66. That’s a great price.
  • HBF Readers Save More! Coupon Code HBF5OFF takes another 5% off. That makes it $11.08.
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32oz. BLC Liquid Line Cleaner – use coupon code HBF5OFF

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