Keg Connection Kegerator Expansion Kits – Out of Stock = Free Upgrades!

Homebrew Expansion Kits from Keg Connection: These kit upgrades will allow you to expand your existing system and add additional dispense lines. These are organized by gas sides and liquid sides. Because of this, if you just need to add additional gas lines for force carbonating, you can do that as well.

Keg Connection has sold out of 2 and 4 way manifolds but is giving free upgrades to the next size up. From KC…

*UPDATE* We are out of 2 way manifolds and 4 way manifolds BUT you can order them below and we’ll give you a FREE upgrade to a manifold with an additional valve. Meaning: any 2 way manifolds ordered will receive a 3 way manifold and any 4 way manifolds ordered will receive a 5 way manifold.

Your manifold will still be configured with the appropriate amount of gas line tubing and disconnects as stated in the product listing (ex: 2 way manifolds will have two lines of gas tubing, two disconnects BUT a third check valve on the manifold so you can upgrade to an additional gas line and disconnect in the future at your convenience!).

Why a Manifold?  CO2 manifolds allow you to feed multiple kegs off one co2 regulator.  Things to look for in a capable manifold are shut-off valves for each trunk and check valves.  Check valves makes sure flow goes the right directly.  This is important for CO2 manifolds because differences in pressure make it possible for liquid to back flow through gas lines.

  • Shipping is a flat fee no matter how much you order to addressed in the contiguous US.
  • HBF Readers Save More! HBF5OFF takes another 5% off.

Homebrew Expansion Kits

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