Torpedo Stainless Steel Ball Lock Disconnect with… 1/4 in. MPT Threads! – For Spunding Builds

Torpedo Ball Lock Disconnect Gas In (Stainless) - 1/4 in. MPTMoreBeer’s Torpedo Ball Lock Beverage Disconnects are available in both beverage and gas configurations and are… stainless steel! They will, of course, work with MoreBeer’s Torpedo kegs, but they will also work with any ball lock Corny Keg.

1/4″ MPT Threaded QD!

The lineup contains an innovative and unique offering. a 1/4″ MPT threaded variation.  Why, oh, why would you want this?  Well one great reason is a Spunding Valve Build.

To build what we call a Style 1 Build you need to connect the tee to an MFL QD, a swivel JIC to NPT fitting is required. Those are tough to find in stainless steel and usually… very expensive.

This Ball Lock Keg QD is stainless steel and eliminates the need for the JIC to NPT fitting. That’s a big cost savings. Beyond that, it’s a simplification of the build. One less item to buy, adjust and maintain.

Torpedo Ball Lock Disconnect Gas In (Stainless) – 1/4 in. MPT KEG735

Also at MoreBeer: Adjustable Stainless Gas Pressure Relief – 1/4 in. MPT

What’s a Spunding Valve? A Spunding Valve allows you to maintain a set pressure.  If pressure in the vessel exceeds the set point, it is expelled.  It generally consists of an adjustable PRV valve, a tee, a gauge and a way to connect to your keg.  Read lots and lots more about Spunding Valves, ways to use them and different build options on our Spunding Valve Resource Post

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