31 Gallon! Kegland Kegmenter – Univessel Fermenter & Keg – on sale for $349.99

31 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

31 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

The Kegmenter is a 31 gallon (118 liter) 304 stainless keg with a 4” diameter tri clover lid with flat lid and airlock. It also features two 2″ tri clamp ports on the base, so you can adapt this to many purposes. 42½” tall, 16″ wide,

The Kegmenter features a 50 PSI rating so it can be used as a keg or as a pressurized fermenter if desired. The 4” diameter lid makes it easy to clean out, and adds the ability to add dry hops and other additives either during a ferment or after kegging.

Note: Like all commercial kegs, these are extremely rugged, but may have small blemishes caused by the box rubbing against the keg during shipment.


  • This is on sale for just $349.99. This is a bargain for a stainless fermenter with the size and features that the Kegmenter offers.
  • No coupon code is required.
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

31 Gallon Kegland Kegmenter

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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