Hands on Review: ToteGlass Swing-Top Lid Adapter for Growlers – Convert Standard Growlers to Swing-Top Growlers!

This handy little upgrade from ToteGlass is designed to convert compatible standard screw top growlers to a swing top closure.

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In the packageA look at both the black and white versions.  This assembly consists of four pieces.  A screw on base, a bail wire, a stopper cap and a gasket.Assembly InstructionsOperation InstructionsStep one is to remove the bail wire from the base adapter and screw it on to your compatible growlerNext you reattach the bail wire.  Whammo you’re done.A look at the installed adapter assembly.  Note that the gaskets can be removed for cleaning and replacement if needed.With the cap closed.  The seal on this seems secure and tight.  Generally speaking, I get a better feeling engaging this vs a standard growler cap.  The gasket material in standard caps just doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.  Do, get me wrong, I know standard caps work, but the swing top feels better to me.Installed on a standard glass growlerInstalled on both a standard size growler and a smaller 64 oz grumbler.Installation tip:  This is a good illustration of something not to do.  The adapter ring is installed such that the wire bail is lined up with the growler handle.  This stops the wire bail from engaging properly.  Tighten the ring a bit more or loosen it a bit so that the wire bail can close.Properly installed and aligned adapter ringA benefit of these is being able dress up and upgrade a standard growler.  Most of us probably have some fancy growlers – some reviews – sometimes we can’t use them.  This growler is an example.  it’s a brewery located close to a family member in the Twin Cities.  If I’m going to get a growler filled there, I have to use their growler.  This can be the case due to brewery policy or because of local laws.  This upgrade gives you a the ability to upgrade must-use sorts of growlers.  Note that this flip top may not be compatible with heat shrink sleeves.

Carbonation Test

A big question for me was… does it work?  Does it hold carbonation?  To test that, I filled a swing top equipped growler and let it sit for two weeks.  As hoped and expected, the contents were nicely carbonated at the end of the test.

Operation Tips

Of course, I didn’t read the operating directions to begin with.  As a result I struggled to get this to work smoothly.  Here’s another look at the operating instructions…

The swivel motion of the cap that’s illustrated here is important.  Once you get that down, this cap is easy to use.  What you’re wanting to do is spin the cap as you lift it up.  That puts it into the correct position to engage the wire bail.  When opening, you’re doing the opposite.

ToteGlass has put together a video detailing assembly and operation of this adapter.  That should be linked on the Amazon product page under “Videos for this product”


This is a nice little upgrade to standard growlers.  They feel and work better than standard caps and the fact that they can be disassembled for cleaning is a plus.  These are easy enough install and uninstall so you can switch between growlers.  Even though I may have some fancy growlers, good ole glass growlers have their place.  They are generally well priced, do the job and in some cases are required if you’re wanting a growler refill.  It’s nice to see these faithful friends get some bling.  This is a generally well priced upgrade that takes glass growlers up a notch in terms of look and function.

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.

Special thanks to ToteGlass for providing the units used for evaluation!

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