2 x CM Becker Brand Pin Lock MFL QDs [Gas & Liquid]

cmbecker pin lock

CM Becker Disconnect Set (2) IN (gas), and OUT (Liquid), Pin Lock, 1/4 MFL by CM Becker

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Set of disconnects for both in and out (gas and liquid)
  • Used with Cornelius style pin lock keg
  • Allows for quick disconnects

This is a set of disconnects for both IN (Gas) and OUT(liquid) posts on a Cornelius style Pin Lock keg(Coke.) These Connectors have a 1/4″ MFL(threaded) Connection. In order to connect to a hose you need a 1/4″MFL to 1/4″ Barb Swivel Nut on the liquid side and 1/4″MFS to 5/16″ barb for gas side (if you are using 5/15 red gas hose) This will allow for quick disconnects., Set Of Disconnects for Both In and Out (Gas and Liquid), Used with Cornelius Style Pin Lock Keg, Allows for Quick Disconnects, Country of origin – United States, Manufacturer name – CM Becker.

CM Becker Disconnect Set (2) IN (gas), and OUT (Liquid), Pin Lock, 1/4 MFL

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