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128 ounce/1 gallon stainless steel growler, CO2 injector and tap via Woot

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The ManCan, a personal-sized, keg-style growler that fits in your fridge, travels anywhere, and will keep your beer brewery-fresh for the life of the beer. Like a keg, it is stainless steel and can be pressurized with one of ManCan’s tap systems. Like a growler, you take it with you to share great craft beer or other beverages (or keep it all to yourself). But remember: It’s not a keg. It’s not a growler. It’s a MANCAN!

ManCan Universe 002MANCAN 128 Flex Kit Stainless

The ManCan 128 Flex has a pour-anywhere tap with a flexible hose to make serving super simple—even right from the fridge! This 128oz (one gallon), stainless steel vessel with Perfect Pour, 2-stage Regulator System keeps your precious brews carbonated to their beautiful, bittersweet end. Take your ManCan 128 anywhere! It’s indestructible and the perfect traveling companion. The ManCan 128 Flex: for you, and for all mankind!

  • The star of the show is the 128oz – all stainless steel – ManCan. Rugged and totally portable, this bad boy is indestructible and ready to go anywhere!
  • Pour-anywhere Flex Hose Tap makes serving super simple – even right from the fridge! Pull it out at a BBQ, a tailgater, or your friend’s wedding reception.
  • The “Perfect Pour” Regulator System is an awesome piece of engineering that regulates the flow of your beverage. It keeps the bad air out, the carbonation in, and never gives you a glass full of foam. And that’s the way it should be.
  • Stainless steel, threaded, no-leak cap keeps fresh beer on the inside and nasty, beer-flattening air on the outside.

This incredible ManCan is fully equipped with:

  • 128oz stainless steel ManCan
  • Flex Hose Tap and Perfect Pour Regulator System
  • Stainless steel, no-leak cap
  • (2) CO2 cartridges
  • (1) packet of (3) cleaning tablets
  • Heck of a lot of hoppiness


Compare: ManCan Mini Keg Growler Serving System (Stainless Steel) – 128 oz. Flex – at MoreBeer

Today 1/3/18 only, while supplies last, Woot has this marked down a whopping $80 (vs list AND MoreBeer’s current price)  to $119.99.  Check Woot for current offering, description, price and availability.

ManCan Universe 128 Flex Kit Stainless Steel Keg-Style Growler

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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