Dual Faucet Stainless Steel Kegerator Tower – Save $22

 3 Tap Draft Beer Tower

Two Tap Draft Beer Tower from Adventures in Homebrewing.  Description via AIH: “This polished stainless steel tower is the perfect dual tap tower for your kegerator or home tap setup. These polished stainless steel single faucet towers are made with quality in mind, but quality is not the only advantage:

You now have a choice of what type of faucet you want to put on your tower, please see your options. This is a required option and you will need to pick the faucet you want.

You also have a choice of what you want to serve your beer from, commercial keg, ball lock keg or pin lock kegs, please see the options, This is also a required option.”

Includes tower, shanks, faucet knobs, tubing, mounting hardware and gasket.

As of this posting, this is marked down $22 to $87.99.  Note: Faucets and disconnects are a required option and available at an additional cost.  You get to choose those options and prices vary based on your choices.  A draft tower cooler option is also available. Check product page for current price, description and availability.

Dual Faucet Draft Tower

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

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