Brew Clean Homebrew Cleanser – from $2.40/lb

Brew Clean homebrew cleanser.

from Keg Connection: “This is an excellent cleaner for stainless Cornelius/Firestone style kegs, beer lines and other stainless, glass or plastic or rubber homebrew equipment.

For homebrew kegs use at least two table spoons (more if kegs are stained) and fill kegs with hot water, depress dip tube poppets and allow tubes to fill with solution.  Soak lid in solution with pressure relief valve open.  Water should be 100 to 160 degrees.  Let sit for at least one hour (overnight soak for heavy stains) and then rinse and sanitize.  You can re-use solution to wash additional equipment or kegs.

For other homebrew equipment use one tablespoons per gallon, more if items are heavily soiled or stained.  Use hot tap water between 100 and 160 degrees.  Let pieces sit for at least an hour for maximum cleaning valve.

For beer lines use 1 tablespoon per quart.  Run half of solution through beer lines into bucket.  Dis-assemble faucets and place them in solution in bucket.  Let everything soak for about an hour.  Then reassemble faucets and re-attach to system.  Run remaining solution through lines followed by clean water.”


  • Specifically designed for cleaning homebrew kegs and Brewing equipment
  • Non-corrosive, will not cause rust on kegs or other homebrew equipment, formula
    actually helps protect metal from corrosion.
  • Wetting agent  helps remove beerstone and other soils.
  • Powerful detergent cuts down on need for scrubbing.
  • Will not leave a film on kegs, lids or other brewing equipment like some cleaners
  • Non-hazardous Replaces Caustic Soda Cleaners, Safe to handle.
  • Cleaner is supercharged with active oxygen

As of this posting, Keg Connection has multiple sizes of Brew Clean available from 1 to 50 lbs.  The 50 lb size is $119.95. That figures to just $2.40 per lb and it falls under Keg Connection’s flat rate shipping program.  Check Keg Connection for up to the minute price and availability.

Brew Clean Cleanser

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