Hands On Review: 750 mL Stainless Wine and Beer Growler – Includes Temp Trials

Review Lifeline Stainless Wine Growler

I’m a big fan of Lifeline Products’ Line of Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growlers.

They recently released a 750 mL Size for wine lovers.  Here’s a hands on look at that including two temperature time trials.

Lifeline Wine Growler ReviewIn the box.  This comes nicely packaged.  Ready to be wrapped up as a gift for yourself or others.  Oh, you don’t wrap gifts you buy for yourself?

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewLifeline’s 7512 Stainless Wine Growler.  This is the uncoated stainless version.  It comes in other colors.

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewClose up of the front of the label.  Reads Seven Fifty.  Wine Growler.  Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewReads: No Liner.  No Condensation.  No Taste or Odor.  Holds a Full Bottle of Wine.  BPA Free.

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewDiagram of how the vacuum insulated design works

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewA look inside the growler

Stainless Growler Homebrew WinemakingA look at the cap

cln_img_6205This note about general usage comes inside the growler.

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewBottom of the growler.  Reads: Vacuum Insulated, 750 mL, 18/8 Stainless

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewI tared out my Escali Primo and filled up the growler with water to get an idea of capacity.  It comes out to about 801 grams.  801 grams = 801 mLs.  That’s a bit more than the stated capacity of 750 mL.  But… the lid/stopper combo takes up a bit of the neck.  I think the usable space is pretty well right at 750 mL.  That’s perfect for a bottle of… wine.

cln_img_6223A look at the same water in my 1 Gallon Brew Day PitcherReview

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewHey this is the growler next to a 2013 bottle of Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc.

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewHere is the growler filled with an entire bottle of wine.  The cap just fits.  Perfecto.

Lifeline 7512 Wine Growler ReviewTemperature Trials.  I put the bottle of wine and growler in my fermentation deep freeze (currently in cold crash mode) to chill everything down.  I put my kegerator fan – See: Reducing Foaming with a Recirculating Fan – in there to get things chilled down more quickly.  Also Pictured: Speidel FermenterReview.  It contains RiteBrew’s Oatmeal Stout.  Also Pictured:  If you look closely you’ll see a gigantic rubber band creation that my son made for me to hold on the temperature probe.  What a great kid!  Oh, he charged me $10.

Stainless Growler Homebrew WinemakingStart of the test.  My ThermoWorks ChefAlarmReview – shows 33.2 deg F

Stainless Growler Homebrew WinemakingThe ambient temperature was about 67 deg F

Insulated Stainless Growler Homebrew Winemaking19 hours and 39 minutes later, the wine reads 47.6 deg F.  That figures out to .733 deg per hour.  Much like the rest of the line, the insulation capabilities of this thing are amazing.  Gift Idea: You could fill one of these with chilled wine, wrap it hours before it will be unwrapped and the gift recipient will receive an amazing growler along with a chilled, ready to drink bottle of wine.  Whammo.

Stainless Growler Homebrew WinemakingThis is also a great size for 22 ounces of beer.  I tried another trial using a 22 of Green Flash’s Imperial IPA.  Also pictured: Oxo Cast Stainless Bottle OpenerReview.

Stainless Growler Homebrew WinemakingHere’s where the 22 fills comes up to.  Temperature Trial.  Started at 31.8 deg F.  19 hours and 2 minutes later it read 46 deg F.  That’s a loss of .734 deg per hour, nearly identical to the wine test.  Update:  I received a question about whether or not this growler is rated to hold carbonated beverages.  From my experience, I can tell you that it works great for carbonated beverages.  I also contacted Lifeline Products to double check that they recommend it for that use.  Indeed, it is officially rated to hold carbonated beverages.

Much like the rest of the line, this container looks great and works great.  I’m glad to have one for myself and I also think it would make a great gift.

Lifeline 7512 Silver Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Bottle Style Growler – 750ml. Capacity


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2 thoughts on “Hands On Review: 750 mL Stainless Wine and Beer Growler – Includes Temp Trials

  1. Metabrewing

    So, this is rated to hold pressure? I didn’t see anywhere on the packaging it mentioning it was intended for anything other than wine. Thanks for the review.

    1. admin Post author

      I’m double checking with Lifeline for official word, but I can tell you that practically speaking it holds pressure well. It’s got serious threads on it along with a gasket.


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