Hands On Review: Stainless, Vacuum Sealed Double Wall, “Barrel Style” Growler!

If you’ve read Homebrew Finds for long, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Lifeline’s line of Stainless, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Growlers.  The quality, looks and amazing insulation capabilities of this line of containers has made me a fan.

Here’s a Hands On Look at Lifeline’s  “Barrel” Model 7508 Growler.  Spoiler: It’s larger than it’s stated size.

First… Vacuum Insulated
This growler has a Double Wall Stainless Design and is Vacuum Insulated.  That means that there are two walls of stainless steel that maintain a vacuum between then.  It’s my understanding that this process requires a high level of manufacturing precision and quality.  This vacuum makes it difficult for heat to transfer and ends up being an amazing insulator.

Check out the Hands on Review of the original 64 oz design for some detailed information on the amazing insulation benefits of this line of growlers.  That growler only lost 2.2 degrees F on an 80+ degree day over a time period of 107 minutes.

Next… Stainless
Stainless blocks out beer damaging UV rays.  You can also take this places that standard glass growlers cannot go like the beach or pool.

When I first received this growler, I thought… this is larger than the original.  My assumption when ordering was that it was taller and more narrow than the original, but had the same capacity.  The size difference made me second guess that right away.

Side by side, next to the original 64 oz size.

Top down view

The specs have this measuring 11.5 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches.  I’d say the stated height is somewhere between pretty close and right on.

Front side of the label.  It Reads: Vacuum-Insulated Double-Wall. Vacuum insulated to keep liquids hot or cold all day.  Double-wall technology prevents condensation & keeps outside wall of bottle at a comfortable temperature.  Lightweight 18/8 stainless steel is 100% recyclable   It has no liner and will not retain odor or taste.  Stainless Steel.  BPA-free.

FiftyFifty Product logo

Reverse side – Vacuum Insulated – 64oz/1.9L – 18/8 Stainless

The entire line up of sizes: 18 oz (7504), 40 oz (7502) (review), Original 64 oz (7500) (review) and Barrel Size “64 oz” (7508)

To test the capacity of this growler I used my Escali Primo (along with the it’s tare feature) to get a weight of the contents of a barrel size growler full of water.  I got a weight of 1,974 grams.  That equates to 69.63 fluid ounces.  This ends up being nearly identical in size to a standard glass growler.  Those have 64 oz fill lines with an additional 5 to 6 ounce head space.  It’s worth noting that this is labeled 64 ounces or 1.9 liters.


This is an amazing growler!  I purchased my original 7508 in August of 2013 and have since purchased another.  I can confidently recommend this great growler to you.

Lifeline 7508 Silver Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Barrel Style Growler – 64 oz. Capacity

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5 thoughts on “Hands On Review: Stainless, Vacuum Sealed Double Wall, “Barrel Style” Growler!

  1. Anonymous

    Any suggestions for growler carriers now that you talked me into my 3rd growler? I’m mainly concerned about keeping them upright in the car, but it would be nice to carry them all with one hand.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. I’ll look around and if I can’t come up with a better solution, I might test out the carry all. If I do, I’ll report back. One nice thing about the carryall is that it looks like you can use the seat belt to secure the goods too.


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