Perlick 650SS Stainless Forward Sealing Faucet w/Flow Control via MoreBeer

The Perlick 650SS faucet is forward sealing, made of 304 Stainless Steel and includes an adjustable flow compensator.  That flow compensator allows you to adjust the resistance your faucet is exerting.  That means less tubing and potentially less foaming and wasted beer. The compensation feature also makes it easier to serve higher carbonation beers as you can set the faucet to provide resistance to offset the increased pressure needed to store these beers.

Perlick Faucet – Flow Control D1221

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5 thoughts on “Perlick 650SS Stainless Forward Sealing Faucet w/Flow Control via MoreBeer

  1. Anonymous

    I have a Beverage Air DD68 with 2 draft towers. I was wondering if these would fit on a tower with gooseneck shanks. Does anyone know if they would work?

  2. Todd

    Follow-up after talking to the Perlick engineer. This is a BRASS BODY faucet, not SS as MB says. More beer was 90% correct about the range of motion – it should be 135* when not attached to the shank and about 45* when it is, but you can only use the forward 45*, not the rear 45* (it’s not a matter of preference, the rear 45* is just to take the faucet apart.)

    Hope this helps.

  3. Anonymous

    So not so much about the taps, but I like how you attached your drip tray. Have been considering ways to attach a drip tray on mine and I dodn’t want to glue it on.

  4. Todd

    I also ordered one of these as soon as you posted them, and I’ve installed it now. I had a similar concern about the standard shank.

    Mine does contact my shank (Stainless model from Williams Brewing) but still seems to work for flow control. I cannot twist the flow control all of the 135* range of motion that I can move it when it’s in my hand. Instead, I can move it about 45* either at the front or back of that swing. The middle 45* is inaccessible. I have to pick before tightening it whether I want to use the front or the back. The guys at MoreBeer said this is normal, though I don’t have confirmation from Perlick yet. I think MoreBeer is right as it works great like this (I even have one dispensing soda, at 25PSI, with a 4′ line).

    My bigger concern is that I don’t think this is a stainless faucet. MB reported that it was before I ordered, and there’s even a MB sticker on it that says “stainless” as part of the product description. However, under that you can faintly read that the Perlick model number is 545PC. In the 525, “ss” at the end denotes stainless, and “pc” at the end denotes polished chrome/brass body. The rep I spoke with at Perlick said he thought that meant that this one was brass, but he wasn’t sure. The engineer that can answer both these questions definitively isn’t at work until Tuesday, so I’ll report back after I speak with him. The faucet itself works great and the price is awesome, but I don’t want to buy a bunch of brass ones just to have the stainless model come out a few weeks later.


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