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Keg King Kegerators, the first line of Kegerators Designed for Homebrewers.  They have loads of features including the ability to operate at either draft serving temperatures or fermentation temps.

I have a Keg King Kegerator and it’s awesome…   See: Hands on Review: Keg King Kegerator!

Keg King Kegerator Deal: For a short time, MoreBeer is discounting their entire lineup of Keg King Kegerators by 10% when you use coupon code KEGERATOR10.  The offer applies to all versions of the Keg King Kegerator.  Shipping is also free on the whole combo to most US addresses.

Keg King Kegerators and Accessories at MoreBeer – remember promo code KEGERATOR10

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

Note: There is apparently some sort of name change in the works for this lineup.  MoreBeer is now referring to these as “Kegerator with Stainless Steel Intertap Faucets” or “Kegerator with Flow Control Intertap Faucets”.  Whatever they’re called they’re made by Keg King and they are awesome.

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