Pre-Order: New Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler


Blichmann Engineering has introduced a redesign of their great BeerGun bottle filler.

  • The NEW Beergun from Blichmann Engineering, now more ergonomic and intuitive to use!
  • Allows you to perfectly bottle beer from the the keg without CO2 loss!
  • Purge bottles and headspace with CO2 to keep oxygen out, prolonging the life of your beer!
  • Comes with all the connections and fittings needed. You just need a way to split your CO2 line.

Great Fermentations has this available for pre-order.

Update 12/14/16: I’ve seen tweets indicating the first of these have started shipping from Blichmann.

NEW Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler

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