MoreBeer’s OxyWand .5 Micron Oxygenation Stone and Wand – $23.99, Matches 2016 Deal! + Hands on Review

The OxyWand™ - 0.5 Micron

MoreBeer’s OxyWand!  26″ long stainless steel oxygenation wand.  .5 micron sintered stone.  1/4″ flare fitting means the OxyWand can be easily disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing.

From MoreBeer: “Yeast across the World have a new best friend, the OxyWand™. Insert the oxygenation wand into your fermenter and pump in thousands of microscopic oxygen bubbles for 1-2 minutes to improve the health of your yeast. Healthy yeast produce amazing flavors and have the stamina to completely finish fermentation.”‘

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

That is not the only reason yeast love the OxyWand™. Yeast hate to compete with bacteria and you hate to drink them. Sintered stainless stones are made of tightly compressed stainless steel powder to create a porous block through which oxygen can flow. This micro maze is also the perfect environment for bacteria to live in after the stone has been used once in wort. That is why we love to boil our stones prior to use. The stone on the OxyWand™ is connected via a 1/4″ flare fitting and can easily be removed and cleaned after use and then boiled before your next brew day.

The assembly is 26″ long and will easily reach the bottom of glass carboys, dropped into stainless conicals, Speidel fermenters, etc. The 0.5 micron size stone is designed specifically for use with compressed oxygen tanks. You will want to use 1/4″ tubing. See the recommended regulator below to connect to disposable style compressed oxygen cylinders available from your local hardware store.

The advantage of using compressed oxygen to oxygenate is speed – you can oxygenate your wort in 60 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes with aeration. This .5 micron stone can only be used with compressed oxygen because an aeration pump does not supply enough pressure. If you are looking for an Oxywand to use with aeration pumps please see the 2 micron version.


Check out our Hands on Review of the OxyWand – note, the review features a slightly different combo.  It’s the same OxyWand, the difference is the addition of an O2 regulator in the reviewed setup.

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The OxyWand™ 0.5 Micron FE392

From the “prices on everything continue to skyrocket” department, this matches a deal of the day that was offered in May of 2016.

Hands on Review: MoreBeer’s OxyWand Oxygenation Kit – with Side by Side Trials

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