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A while back, we received samples of these terpenes, and we were absolutely all hopped up after trying them. You can add them at any stage on the cold side—whether it’s in your fermenter, keg, or bottling bucket. You could even add a drop or two to elevate your finished beer in the glass, resulting in a massive aroma boost that alters the flavor perception as well.

Optimized Hop Extracts
When you extract the oil from hops, no matter how good your extraction is, you’ll always wind up with certain undesirable plant compounds. Abstrax Hop Profiles are true-to-type optimized hop extracts without any of the undesirable notes typically found in other dry-hop aroma oils.

The Power of Terpenes
Abstrax Hop Profiles are created by using individual terpene isolates. Think of them like little building blocks. We assemble them together to create an exact profile of the original hop with ZERO undesirable compounds. The result is an extremely potent and accurate profile of the original hop utilizing the power of terpenes.

Extremely Concentrated
A little really goes a long way here. Hop Profiles are made from the essential building blocks of flavor and aroma so they’re naturally potent.

Use at a rate of 2.5 mL per 5-gallon batch. Add at any point on the cold side in your fermenter, keg, or bottling bucket. Or even add a drop or two to spike your finished beer in the glass.


  • 100% efficient flavor/aroma transfer
  • Consistent from batch to batch
  • Increase in yield/profit 5-30%
  • Hop Profiles will not affect IBU test results and they cannot cause lightstruck off-flavors
  • Zero Undesirable Plant Compounds
  • No Lipids
  • No Chlorophyll

Alora™ is the latest aroma hop from the Hopsteiner Breeding Program best known for her unique oil composition, high 3MH thiol precursors, and tantalizing aroma.

  • Over 50% of total oils are Selinene
  • Alora™ has 5X the amount of bound 3MH thiol precursors than Cascade
  • Aroma—Peach, apricot, yuzu fruit, sweet melon with an alpha range of 7-10%

Abstrax Hop Profiles

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