Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener [Awesome + Lifetime Warranty]

Craftsman Wrench Style Bottle Opener from Sears.  I have one of these and it’s great!  This is built like a regular wrench and as a result it feels substantial.  If you’re a cap collector, it also does a good job of removing caps without messing them up too much.  You basically end up with an intact cap with a dimple in the middle of it.

This also qualifies for Sears Craftman’s Guaranteed for Life Warranty.

Check product page for current price and availability.

Craftsman Cap Wrench Bottle Opener

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One thought on “Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener [Awesome + Lifetime Warranty]

  1. Dave C

    This is my favorite opener. If you are lucky, you still might find one made in USA. They have been made in China for the past few years, unfortunately. Check the back of the tool.


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