Gamma Seal Lids for Grain Storage

Gamma Seal Lid for Homebrew Grain Storage

Gamma Seal Lid

Gamma Seal Lids are a great option for grain storage.  They fit on top of a standard 5 – 7  gallon buckets and provide an airtight seal.  An outer ring snaps on the bucket.  The inner portion of the lid screws on and off for easy access to grain.  So, you get an airtight seal without having to pry off the lid.  The general rule of thumb is… a 50 lb sack of grain will fit in two 5 gallon bucket.

Gamma Seal Lid

Lowes and Home Depot also have good prices on similar lids.  Order online and pickup in store.

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3 thoughts on “Gamma Seal Lids for Grain Storage

  1. Rick

    I hope they are food grade because that photo makes it look like a Double Stuff Oreo!

    On a more serious note, if you haven’t already, check out the Basic Brewing Radio Podcasts on Homebrew Toxicology. Some very good info there.

  2. Anthony McKeivier

    I have always purchased mine from Menards. They are selling for $6.97 and sometimes cheaper. They do not say if they are food grade or not so I imagine they are not. They also have 5 gallon buckets for $2.50 which also doesn’t say they are food grade. Thanks


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