Hands On: OXO Cast Stainless Bottle Opener

I recently picked up the OXO SteeL Pop Top Bottle Opener.  Here are a few pictures and some impressions about the Bottle Opener.

 In package
 Back of the package
 Just laying there
Stands up for awe-invoking presentation
 Cool… this thing can open bottles!  Update: After some additional time using this opener
I can say that it is the best opener I’ve used for leaving caps intact.  If you open the beer with one continuous motion, they look perfect.  I’m wondering if it does this because of the stoutness and rigidity of the opener.  In any case, I can recommend this for cap collectors.
This bottle opener has a heavy, quality feel to it.  
In fact, the Top Find Fast Weigh MS-500 has it weighing nearly 6.5 ounces.

This is made of cast stainless steel.  It has a quality heft to it and it looks great.  Apparently Craftsman Bottle Openers that look like wrenches are not suitable for the kitchen.  If you bought one of those, your significant other MAY or MAY NOT hide it from you on a regular basis by putting it in the back of a drawer.  This one on the other hand has a real chance of sticking around.


  • Bottle opener for pop-top bottles
  • Made of cast stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Long handle for leverage when opening bottles
  • Stands up for presentation on table or bar
  • Soft, comfortable grip; dishwasher-safe

Check it out: OXO SteeL Pop-Top Bottle Opener

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4 thoughts on “Hands On: OXO Cast Stainless Bottle Opener

  1. Darrin

    From the top picture it looks as if it can remove the cap without creasing or denting it. Can you verify this is true? I collect bottle caps for a future mosaic bar top, and I only like bottle openers that don’t damage the cap.

    1. Chris Brewer

      It does do a great job of keeping caps intact. The trick is to take of the cap with one clean motion. The craftsman is also good at this, although it will leave a small dimple pretty much every time.

  2. Travis Wasson

    I keep my Craftsman opener in the kitchen, proudly displayed on its own hook. SWMBO doesn’t mind (or at least has never made her objections public).

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