Great Deal: 10 Universal Poppets – $2 each!, Shipped

These usually sell for $24.99.  At that price they have appeared on HBF and were rightly classified as a great deal.  They have been marked down to $19.99.  That includes shipping.  $2 per poppet makes this an amazing deal.

I’ve purchased these from this seller and had a great experience.

I’m a big fan of universal keg poppet valves.  These fit nearly every cornelius-type keg.  They generally provide a tighter seal than stock poppet valves and there’s also no guesswork when ordering.

Tip:  If the universal poppet is a bit too tight in one of your kegs, you can trim off one of the rings with a pair of wire cutters.

Lot of 10 Universal Poppets – $19.99 Shipped! ($2 per poppet valve!)

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