3 Way CO2 Distribution Manifold

3-Way CO2 Distribution Bar with Safety

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2 thoughts on “3 Way CO2 Distribution Manifold

  1. Chris Banker

    It doesn’t appear to have check valves. I’d consider those to be a pretty important feature for a manifold. Check valves prevent pressure from equalizing from keg to keg (rather than just tank to keg). For example if you hook up a keg that is at higher pressure, it would equalize to the other kegs when hooked up, pushing co2 (or beer if very full) from one keg to the others. Also, if you pull the pressure release on one keg, it would drain pressure from all of them without the check valves. I find the valves make life much easier when I want to drop the pressure of just one keg (e.g. growlers/bottling), as I can turn down the regulator and just bleed one keg, leaving the others at serving pressure until I readjust the regulator.


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