Apex Brew Wares: 12% Off Beer Tower Cooler

From Apex Brew Wares:

This beer tower cooler is designed to cool the beer tower on a direct draw type draft beer system. With a direct draw system, the beer keg is stored in a refrigerator or cooler right below the beer tower. Works with any kegerator- home made or store bought.

The number one complaint about any direct draw kegerator is that the beer faucet & shank get warm and your first 1/2 glass of beer is always foamy. But the solution is less than 5 minutes away – just install our tower cooler. Our tower cooler works by continuously blowing a small volume of cold air into your beer tower and the cold air keeps your beer shanks and faucets ice cold. A side benefit is that the continuous cold keeps faucet mold and bacteria growth at an absolute minimum.

Installs in minutes with no tools!

Use promo code HBFTWR and receive 12% Off.  Valid through June 10.

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