Update: Handling Kegerator Condensation

I have a converted chest freezer kegerator that was building up with condensation.  Literally, standing water.  At that point, I had not added a collar, so it’s not like it was a major air leak.  The seal was factory tight.  

I looked for solutions.  The first thing I stumbled across was DampRid.  This is a moisture absorbing desiccant material.  You put it in a moist space and it absorbs moisture.  I almost bit on this but did not like the fact that I would have to continually purchase DampRid to keep my kegerator dry.

I continued to look for solutions and finally settled on the  Eva-dry E-500.  This uses a desiccant material, like DampRid, but… it’s renewable!  

The beads inside this unit absorb moisture.  As they do that they change color.  When they have gone from blue to pink, you know it’s time to “renew” the unit.  This is done by removing it from the kegerator and plugging it into an outlet.  The integrated heating element drives off any built up moisture.  When the beads turn blue (overnight), you’re ready to go.  I don’t have to do this often, usually every couple months.

That’s simple!
After the addition of the Eva-dry E-500, my kegerator is essentially bone dry.  Since then, I’ve added a collar and it continues to be bone dry!

Update: I purchased this in October of 2008.  As of March 2012, the same unit continues to look and work great!
One more thing.. there is a smaller version of this unit, the EDV-300.  I bought one of these too for use in another chest freezer.  I do NOT recommend this model.  It’s the same premise, but, the smaller capacity unit saturates much more quickly.

Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifer

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