Complete Ball Lock Draft System with Faucet, Keg, Regulator & More $49.01 Discount!

Full Kegerator Draft Setup on sale for $128.99.  This normally sells for $178.  Ready to install in your refrigerator or freezer.

Dual Gauge Regulator
Ball Lock keg
Beer and Gas Disconnects
5′ of beer and gas line
5 1/8″ Shank
Beer Faucet
Black tap handle

Tip:  This does not include a CO2 tank, but my standing advice has been to obtain one of these locally.  There is no sense buying a new tank as you’ll probably end up needing to swap it for a used one anyway.  This also saves on shipping and establishes a local supplier for CO2.  I also say, the bigger, the better when it comes to CO2 tanks.  It only costs me $5 more to get 20 lbs versus 5 lbs.

Ball Lock Keg System w/ Shank and Faucet – $128.99, Normally $178

Note: The graphic on this says pin lock.  This must have the wrong graphic as the title for the item and the description clearly state this is a ball lock setup.

Not ready to do a kegerator conversion but still want to start kegging?  Check out this setup for $109.  EDIT: This just went down to $89!

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