Three Ball Lock Only Accessories

Pictured: Brand New Ball Locks – via Adventures in Homebrewing

THREE Ball Lock Only Accessories

I’m aware of three accessories that, to my knowledge, are available for Ball Lock Kegs, but not available for Pin Lock Kegs. It’s worth noting that when I started this section, there was a single accessory. The list is growing. If you’re on the fence, this may be a tick in favor of ball lock kegs.

#1 Ball Lock Jumper

ball lock jumperAllows you to connect multiple ball lock runs to clean multiple lines and taps at the same time. Works with both liquid and gas QDs.  Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper – via Valuebrew

#2 Carbonation Caps

Carbonation Caps fit on 1L and 2L size PET Bottles and allow you to pressurize a PET bottle for transporting or preserving the carbonation level of your homebrew (Squeeze out the air in the headspace first to minimize oxygen pickup).  You can also use them to quickly carbonate homebrew and fine tune carbonation levels (maybe for competition entry) and… more.

Ball Lock Carbonation Caps:

#3 Ball Lock QD with Shank

This ball lock beer connector from Kegland features a shank collar to attach a faucet directly to the ball lock connector. Unlike the previous two ball lock only accessories, this one does have a work around… an MFL QD + Corny Keg Disconnect Faucet Adapter gets you there, albeit not as cleanly.

This write-up is part of my post comparing ball lock and pin lock kegs – Jump To This Section

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