The Sommelier Prep Course – Beer, Wine & Spirits

The Sommelier Prep Course

The Sommelier Prep Course

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While the subject of wine, beer, and spirits continues to grow in popularity, there are very few books that approach the subject in an accessible manner and that also contain the pedagogical features needed by instructors. In addition, most books cover the subject of wine only, while hospitality students need a broader base on knowledge that also includes beer and spirits. After finishing the book, readers will be prepared to take the introductory certification exams of the Court of Master Sommeliers, International Sommelier Guild, and Society of Wine Educators and receive a first-level certification.

Divided into five parts, Gibson covers wine, beer, and spirits. Along with a history of each type of beverage, he also covers how these beverages are produced and manufactured, varieties and styles of these beverages, and food pairings. Most importantly, Gibson covers costing, pricing, merchandising, marketing, and storing wine, along with creating a balanced wine list and table service.


The Sommelier Prep Course

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