The Meanings of Craft Beer (Kindle Single) by Evan Rail

The Meanings of Craft Beer (Kindle Single) Kindle Edition

The Meanings of Craft Beer (Kindle Single) Kindle Edition by Evan Rail

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Craft beer is everywhere. But what is it? Award-winning journalist Evan Rail returns with this sharp take on craft beer — what it is, how it came about and what it means, from the 12th-century etymology of the Old English word “craft” to the reason contemporary craft brewers are beginning to reject the term. Two decades after the phrase “craft brewery” entered mainstream use, is there any remaining significance to the concept of a craft beer? With the annual craft beer business topping $20 billion, and with craft breweries regularly selling out for hundreds of millions, is it still fair to claim that craft brewers are artists — or has craft beer turned into something that it is not?

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The Meanings of Craft Beer (Kindle Single) Kindle Edition

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