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Updated: 5/14/2024

Spike Brewing Glycol Chiller

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The NEW Spike Glycol Chiller makes stabilizing and cooling your fermenter temperatures a breeze. We included must-have features like an integrated glycol drain port, quick connecting fittings for glycol lines, splash proof lid, locking casters and even a glycol sight glass to check glycol volumes.

It was also designed to be super user friendly. Want to increase your temperature? Press the up button. No more complicated parameters to setup; we’ve already done that hard work for you. The unit has a small footprint, moves around your brewery easily thanks to the included casters and can chill up to four fermenters!

This beast has a large reservoir which provides plenty of cooling power and with quick connect glycol lines, it’s easy to add all those fermenters with just a push of the tube.


  • Cold Crashing/Lagering Temps: Up to 60 gallons of total beer spread across up to 4 fermenters
  • Fermentation Temps: Up to 120 gallons of total beer spread across up to 4 fermenters

We recommend purchasing two Spike Glycol Chillers if your brewery’s needs exceed either of these limits at any given time.


  • 1/2 HP (2,300 BTU/hr) cooling capacity
  • 120V 3 prong plug
  • 5.5A maximum current
  • 7 gallon glycol tank
  • 18″ L x 18″ W x 26″ H
  • Environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant
  • Capacity for up to 4 fermenters
  • User friendly controller
  • 1.5″ locking casters included
  • Splash proof lid
  • Integrated glycol drain port
  • Integrated quick connect fittings for glycol lines
  • Glycol level sight glass
  • Built in cord routing for pumps
  • Internal hose connections to fit with our glycol pump (12″x1/2″ OD tubes attached to each port)
  • Compatible with Spike Flex, Flex+, Conicals and most competitor fermenters with the correct fittings
  • Recommended glycol ratio is 2:1 (2gal of water for every 1gal of glycol)


This is being offered as a pre-order with shipping scheduled for early July.


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