Reader Tip: New “Festivus Miracle” Holiday Ale

Thanks to HBF Reader for this tip!

Northern Brewer Festivus Holiday Ale

Northern Brewer has introduced Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale.  The recipe Kit is available in both Extract and All Grain.

Description: Feats of strength! Airing of grievances! The infamous aluminum Festivus pole! This miraculous pint of ale is a tradition for Festivus holidays to come. It’s mildly spiced, yet packed with sufficient ABV to ensure winter-time glory—if you don’t successfully pin down the head of the household, a few pints of Festivus Miracle will.

Estimated OG of 1.070, features Belgian Special B and Dehusked Carafa II.  Hopped with Columbus and spiced with both Sweet Orange Peel and Mulling spices.  Tasting notes mention… delicate hints of stone fruit, raisins and caramel.

Check it out – Here

News!: I’m excited to relay the information that ZX Ventures has sold it’s stake in Northern Brewer, LLC (also Midwest Supplies’ parent company)

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