Dual Scale Refractometer, Brix 0-32%, Gravity 1.000-1.130

Brix Refractometer 2‑in‑1 High‑Accuracy 0-32% Brix Scale Range and Specific Gravity 1.000-1.130 Hydrometer in Wine Making

Dual Scale Refractometer

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  • Using imported prism, it is equipped with high‑definition eyepieces, which can measure the concentration value more accurately.
  • Non‑slip rubber sleeve, which allows you to better control the instrument and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.
  • Accurate measuring range, its accuracy is high, and it can carry out high‑standard measurement for liquids.
  • Easy to measure, it is lightweight and portable, simple to operate, and can help you test more easily.
  • Wide range of applications, it can be used for all kinds of different liquid samples.


For me, getting a refractometer was one of those upgrades that made a lot of difference.  With a refractometer you need a sample size of two drops.  I figured that this would pay for itself in beer savings alone.  I also had just broken my hydrometer and came to the realization that hydrometers are made of breakable glass that can break! 🙂

With the aid of calculators – get a Free Non-Expiring Brewfather Trial Account –  Refractometers can be used to measure gravity throughout the brewing process.

Brix Refractometer 2‑in‑1 High‑Accuracy 0-32% Brix Scale Range and Specific Gravity 1.000-1.130 Hydrometer in Wine Making – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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3 thoughts on “Dual Scale Refractometer, Brix 0-32%, Gravity 1.000-1.130

  1. Timur.Snoke

    I ordered it an got the same result not the dual scale that it claims to be. I sent mine back and will get one from somewhere else later. I have seen some places selling replacement prism covers, but do you think those would ever really be necessary?

    1. Pash

      If you take good care of it, there’s no reason you should ever need to replace it. Additionally, if you get it from somewhere reputable, they should cover it under warranty assuming it didn’t break due to negligence. It’s always good to know that you can get a replacement if you need it.

  2. Pash

    Be careful with this. I bought it, it was not a dual scale. Read the comments, people are getting mixed results with it. I got the case, cloth, pipette and everything else, but it didn’t have SG readings.


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