Now Available at Keg Connection… ExChilerator MAXX and Brutus Wort Chillers + HBF Reader Coupon!

ExChilerator MAXX Counterflow Wort Chiller (with Thermometer)

I’m excited to announce that Keg Connection has picked up ExChilerator Chillers.  As of this posting they are carrying both MAXX and Brutus models.

More Info - About the Pictured ExChilerator MAXX

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Made with the serious homebrewer in mind, this counterflow wort chiller is the baddest of the bad (and by bad, we mean good). 25 feet of counterflow awesomeness make up this top-of-the-line chiller that includes a thermometer so you can watch your wort drop over 100 degrees in just a few minutes!

Ice baths can take forever and waste precious time that leaves your wort exposed to outside bacteria, yeast, and other bugs (even with the kettle lid on). This lengthy period can also leave proteins, hop material, and tannins immersed in your wort, which clouds your finished product and can potentially leave fusel alcohol, DMS, and sulfur. Achieving a good cold break is vital for yeast health and beer clarity, because the rapid change in temperature makes these proteins and other undesirables coagulate and flocculate to the bottom of your kettle.

Make the upgrade to the ExChilerator, and watch your boiling or near-boiling wort magically go from 200ºF+ to 80ºF or below in just minutes. You’ll see a rapid increase in clarity and flavor in your homebrew!

* This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer, so please allow a few extra days for processing.

General Info

  • 25′ copper counterflow coil
  • Includes thermometer
  • One roll 1/2″ teflon tape
  • One ½ SS 304 Tee
  • One ½ SS 304 2 Piece ball valve
  • One ½ SS 304 close nipple
  • One ½ x ¾ Brass garden hose connection
  • One ½ x ¾ Brass swivel garden hose connection
  • Four ¼ Self tapping screws
  • Two Mounting brackets already installed


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ExChilerator Wort Chillers at Keg Connection

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