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Sale and Clearance – this links shows featured items first

MoreBeer also has a somewhat hidden clearance page that features additional gear

Buy One Get One Half Off Summer Combo Pack:

From MoreBeer:

Buy One Beer Recipe Kit Get One 50% OFF!

Cambridge English Dictionary defines “Sesh” as “a period of time spent doing a lot of an enjoyable activity.”. This month’s deal definitely lives up to its namesake Summer Sesh Combo Pack! You will get a brewing Sesh and two tasty beers to enjoy during your other Sesh, be they Fishing, Disc Golf, Camping or whatever you have planned this summer!

First up in the pack is our ObSession IPA! It’s got a great hop aroma & flavor but a low ABV, so you can Sesh during the day and still be awake for those hot summer nights. We recently changed this recipe slightly, making all finishing hops Centennial (rather than a blend between Centennial and HBC-342). We kept the Simcoe® dry hop, though, as we felt this really brought a “pop” to the aroma!

Speaking of those hot summer nights, next up is our Lunar Shock, a Blue Moon® Clone. It’s an American take on the Belgian Witbier style. The wheat and oats provide a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, while sweet orange peel and coriander contribute outstanding citrus flavor and aroma. It’s a perfectly delicious and highly palatable cure for those summertime brews!

To order your Summer Sesh Combo Pack, click here

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digimash saleFrom MoreBeer:

A Screaming Deal On An All-In-One System!

If you’re considering moving to all-grain brewing or looking to downsize your current AG system, then we’ve got a deal for you!

The DigiMash system represents the best value in electric all-grain brewing you’ll find. With a 9-gallon DigiBoil electric kettle and the DigiMash stainless steel mashing accessory pack included, this is by far the most affordable way to get into electric all-grain brewing and the 220V versions are currently on sale while supplies last!

To learn More! and purchase your 220V DigiMash, click here

Twisted Mist Sale

twisted mist wine kit

Twisted Mist Sale at MoreBeer!

grainfather sale

From MoreBeer:

Have you been thinking about making the move to All-Grain Brewing? Then you should consider looking at The GrainFather G30, it’s an all in one Brewing System with a hefty feature set and an economical price tag. And it’s currently ON SALE $200 OFF! Or if you’re looking for a little More! power check out the GrainFather G70, which is currently ON SALE for close to $300 OFF!

MoreBeer is also throwing in a free Graincoat insulating jacket with the purchase of a G30 with you use coupon code GFCOAT

Grainfather Sale at MoreBeer!

Refurbished DigiBoils:

  • MoreBeer has a limited number of refurbished DigiBoil electric kettles on sale. Prices start at $179.99.
  • Get Free Shipping: Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses

Digiboil Electric Kettles at MoreBeer

Clearance Sale: clearance sale

Outstanding Deal on QA Sanitizer:BTF® QA® Sanitizer 32 oz - CDC Approved for Coronavirus CL21

BTF® QA® Sanitizer 32 oz from MoreBeer

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Economical all purpose sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Concentrated quaternary ammonium formula for use on most hard, nonporous surfaces: floors, walls, bathrooms, cabinets, plastic, stainless steel, porcelain, metal, and ceramic. Use in any public space – restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, institutions, and more. Also use to sanitize ice machines!

Highly concentrated. Use only 1/4 oz per gallon to sanitize food contact surfaces. Disinfect and deodorize other hard surfaces with only 3/4 oz per gallon.

COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Q.A. Concentrated Solution from National Chemicals, Inc. kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 virus when used in accordance with the directions for use against Human Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website at for additional information.

For disinfecting, which is the approved dilution for killing Coronavirus, contact time is 10 minutes.

Q.A. Concentrated Solution

Easy Household Mixing Conversion Chart

Disinfect at 625 ppm or higher


BTF® QA® Sanitizer 32 oz

Put together a $59 on this will ship to free for many US addresses. Plenty of deals to be had to round out your order.

More Wine Kits Deals at MoreBeer…

  • This search shows sale recipe kits (if any are on sale) first.  Look for the red sale icon.
  • This search searches for the term wine and shows sale items (if any are on sale) first.  Look for the red sale icon.
  • MoreWine’s Deal of the Week can also be redeemed on MoreBeer.  Just search for the product number on MoreBeer and use promo code WINEDEAL

Great Deal on Corny Keg Lids

New Corny Keg Lid (w/o O-Ring) KEG440B

Brand New Keg Lids from MoreBeer

Note from HBF: One difference between Pin Lock and Ball Lock kegs is the type of lids that come with each.  Ball Locks, generally, have a manual PRV valve, while Pin Locks do not.  Ball Lock style lids are, in my opinion, superior because the manual PRV allows you to easily vent your keg as needed.  The good news is that, for standard kegs, the lids are the same size and can be interchanged.  That means you can use a Ball Lock style lid in a Pin Lock Keg.

These are on sale for just $14.99. This is a great deal.

Get Free Shipping: Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses

Some filler item ideas to help you qualify for free shipping… PBW, Sale Items (shows most popular deals first), Kit of the Week, Hop Market (shows most popular deals first)

New Corny Keg Lid (w/o O-Ring) KEG440B

Note: These do not include o-rings. Easy fix, grab some Bulk Food Safe Keg O-Rings.

Deals on Refurbished Conicals

  • MoreBeer periodically makes a limited number of refurbished conical fermenters available.
  • This is a great chance to get a deal.
  • Shipping is also free (for most sizes) to addresses in the contiguous US.
  • Limited quantities are available, check link below if you can still get in on this deal.

Refurbished Conicals at MoreBeer

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When you purchase 6+ 5lb bags of the same grain MoreBeer will apply a volume discount. You can see this discount on each product page. Here is an example:

Sacks of grain do not qualify for free shipping at MoreBeer. HOWEVER… 5 lb offerings DO qualify for free with a qualifying $59 order to many US addresses. Buy 10 x 5 lb bags and you’ll get the 6 pack discount and qualify for free shipping.

Malt Deal at MoreBeer! – choose 6 more 5lb bags of grain to see volume discounts

Save $5 on Any Kit at MoreBeer…

For a limited time, MoreBeer coupon code BEERKIT5 takes $5 off your choice of recipe kit from MoreBeer’s Massive Selection.

Applies to each kit. Does not stack with other coupons.

Recipe Kits at MoreBeerAll Grain Kits | Extract Kits | Beer Ingredients – use coupon code BEERKIT5

Brew a Great Beer, Support a Great Cause!

25% Off Homebrew Starter Kits

  • MoreBeer is discounting their entire lineup of homebrewing starter kits by a whopping 25% when you use coupon code STARTERKIT25.
  • NOW is a great time to start homebrewing, move to 5 gallon batches or increase your capacity.
  • Shipping is free to many US addresses
  • Since you’re already qualifying for free shipping, some add-on items to consider… PBW, Sale Items (shows most popular deals first), Kit of the Week, Hop Market (shows most popular deals first)

The lineup includes combos that get you an electric system or a kegging system. These are a great option if you’re wanting to start brewing OR if you already brew and want to make these upgrades.

25% Off All 5 Gallon Homebrew Starter Kits! – remember promo code STARTERKIT25

Free Shipping: Shipping is free with a qualifying $59 order to addresses in the contiguous 48 US states.

russian river consecration homebrew deals

Price, promotions and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. tag:itsapageb3 tag:@ page:b3multiple

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