Limited Release North Coast Red IPA from Northern Brewer

North Coast Red IPA Recipe

Northern Brewer has announced availability of North Coast Red IPA.  This is an extremely limited release of 500 kits.  It features 5 varieties of artisanal hops from Hop Head Farms, Superstructure IPA Malt Extract and uses a limited edition Wyeast West Coast IPA Yeast Strain.

From the description: “Deep ruby with a stunning hop profile, North Coast is a home-grown red IPA that bridges the brewing gap between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Brilliant notes of citrus fruit and herbals arise from artisanal-grown hops of Michigan’s Hop Head Farms. Exclusive Superstructure IPA syrup from barley malted in the heart of Wisconsin adds caramel and raisin flavors between complex layers of nutty, slightly sweet base malt.” (keep reading)

Check it out – Here

News!: I’m excited to relay the information that ZX Ventures has sold it’s stake in Northern Brewer, LLC (also Midwest Supplies’ parent company)

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