Kegland’s Bucket Buddy Stainless Steel Fermenter – on sale for $134.99 + Save $20+ w/Stacking Deal

kegland bucket buddy

Bucket Buddy Electric Fermenter – 35L/9.25G (110V) via MoreBeer

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If you’ve been looking to step up from fermenting in plastic buckets or carboys, this is an excellent choice for your next fermenter. Stainless steel is a much better option than glass or plastic, as it is extremely easy to clean and virtually lasts forever. There’s also much less chance of contamination as stainless doesn’t scratch like plastic. Over time, you’ll get scratches in plastic fermenters from normal wear and tear, creating microscopic havens for bacteria. Meanwhile, glass carboys are always at risk of breaking which is something you will never have to worry about with stainless steel.

The Bucket Buddy represents a great value for a stainless fermenter in this size. Another advantage over carboys and plastic buckets is the domed base inside the fermenter which is great for yeast flocculation when fermentation is complete. The included racking arm will make it easy to transfer out every last drop of beer while leaving the yeast cake undisturbed. The entire racking arm and ball valve assembly is weldless, which means you can remove the assembly to clean and sanitize it between batches. You can even boil the assembly for added assurance that it’s been sterilized.

Also available with built-in heating element for fermenting in colder environments. You can also use a heat wrap or heat belt on the outside of this unit. To help maintain a steady temperature, the Bucket Buddy pairs well with either the BrewZilla Neoprene Jacket or the FermZilla Insulating Jacket. For cooling, you can place the fermenter in a dedicated refrigerator or drill into the lid to install a Temp Twister Cooling Coil. A temperature controller probe can then be inserted into the thermowell to control your heating and cooling sources.

This unit comes standard with silicone tubing to transfer from the ball valve to your bottles or cans, as well as a stopper and airlock for the domed lid.


304 stainless steel construction
9 gallon total capacity
Digital thermometer (Temp reads in °C)
Weldless thermowell
Stainless steel outlet valve with rotating racking arm
Stopper & airlock included
External Dimensions: 28″ H x 15″ W (including handles)
Internal Dimensions: 22″ H x 11.75″ W
KegLand Part Number: KL15103


Bucket Buddy Stainless Fermenter – 35L/9.25G FE190

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Also available in a heated version: Stainless Bucket Fermenter w/ Heating – 35L/9.25G (110V) FE191

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