Watch MoreBeer’s Interview with Ken Grossman – The story of the Chico Strain, Closing of Anchor Brewing & More

From MoreBeer:

On this episode, we cross off something incredible from our bucket list – drinking a Pale Ale with Ken Grossman at Sierra Nevada! 🤯

We had the absolute honor of visiting Sierra Nevada in Chico, California to talk to one of the most pivotal people in the history of Craft Beer about his history, brewing Pale Ale and Celebration, and the story of the Chico Strain and the Hop Torpedo. Then, we get into brewing topics like bottle, can and keg conditioning, reducing oxygen in the brewing process, and whole cone hops versus pellet hops. And finally, we talk about the state of the beer industry, starting off with the recent closing of Anchor Brewing, the changing preferences of consumers, NA Beer, and much More! deals hop deals

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