KegLand Bucket Buddy HEATED Fermenter – on sale for $179 at William’s Brewing

KegLand 35 Liter Bucket Buddy Heated Fermenter

KegLand 35 Liter Bucket Buddy Heated Fermenter

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Made from 304 grade stainless steel and has an integrated (concealed) 36 Watt heating element which runs on any 110 volt outlet. No need to worry about accessories such as heating belts and external temperature controllers. This stainless steel fermenter will keep your yeast at optimal temperature during colder months.  The welding is smooth and the outer body has a sleek brushed stainless finish making it easy to clean and maintain. The heating element is a ring around the bottom of the fermenter, and is not in the bottom, which means your yeast cake will not get heated and contribute off flavors.  Holds 35 liters or 8.5 gallons, although the interior liter marks end at 30, and the gallon markers on the inside end at 8 gallons.

The efficient 36 watt element will heat 5 gallons about 2-3° per hour. For example, if you put 5 gallons of wort with a temperature of 64° F in at 9am, with an ambient room temperature of 65° F, by 4pm the wort should be about 80° F assuming you set the fermentation temperature for 84° F. or higher. It will heat to a maximum of 35 degrees above room ambient temperature, so if your room is 65° F, and you will be able to heat to a maximum of 100° F, which takes about 24 hours to reach from a starting temperture of 65°.  If your ambient temperature is a lot colder performance will be less, so your mileage will vary.  So you can ferment Kveik yeasts with this fermenter.

The base inside this unit is a dome so it is easy to clean while the rotating rack arm enables you to drain out all the fermented beer or wine. The valve and racking come out easily for cleaning between batches. The outlet on the valve is barbed to accept 3/8″ interior diameter tubing, and 3′ of tubing are included.

Although not designed for the Bucket Buddy, the Fermzilla 27 Liter Jacket fits this unit fairly well if you need more insulation for colder situations.

NOTE:The lid is also a dome so this vessel can take a very small amount of pressure (2 PSI) but not enough for pressure transfers or pressurised fermentations.

To change the display from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, press both the plus and minus buttons on the control pad for 10 seconds.

Exterior dimensions: 32″ tall including airlock, 15″ wide including handles

Interior dimensions: 22″ tall, 11.75″ wide


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KegLand 35 Liter Bucket Buddy Heated Fermenter

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