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Keg Carbonation Lid

Keg Carbonation Lid via William’s Brewing

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he Keg Carbonation Lid features a .5 micron stainless airstone attached to the bottom of a standard oval keg lid with 22″ of tubing. A gas ball lock fitting on the lid means you can inject C02 into your kegged beer from the bottom, and have it permeate up through the beer in fine bubbles for rapid carbonation (3-6 hours if the beer is 40° F. or less and gas pressure is 20 PSI). Fits all oval lid kegs and includes a lid sealing O ring and relief valve.

To use, install on your keg of beer and chill to 40° F or less. When cold, attach your ball lock gas line to the ball lock post on the lid, and set your dispensing pressure for 25 PSI. Leave for 6 hours and then remove the gas line. Attach your gas line to the IN side of your keg, (removing it from the lid) and release the head pressure in the keg so it is around 6 to 8 PSI. Then turn on your gas to 6-8 PSI to dispense, and your beer will be carbonate


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Keg Carbonation Lid

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