FermZilla 27 Liter Insulating Jacket – $34.99 + Convert Your FermZilla to a Serving Keg

Insulating Jacket for 27L FermZilla FE131

Insulating Jacket for 27L FermZilla via MoreBeer

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Use this insulating jacket to regulate the fermentation temperature in your 27L FermZilla. The jacket alone will help keep your fermenter warm in the colder months, or you can add a FermWrap heater if the heat fermentation isn’t enough to maintain temp. Conversely, you can freeze bottles of water and put them inside the jacket to keep the temperature from getting too hot.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, use frozen water bottles and a FermWrap plugged into a temperature controller. The frozen water bottles will provide constant cooling, and if the controller detects that the temperature has dropped too far, it will kick on the FermWrap to heat your fermenter back up to your target temp.

The jacket has the added benefit of protecting your fermenting beer from harmful UV light.

Features a single sided zipper and draw string bottom.


  • This is selling for $39.99.
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  • Fermzilla Fermenters are specifically excluded from the sale.  However… Insulating Jackets are not.  Use coupon code SUPERSALE and this insulating jacket drops to $35.99 at checkout.
  • Convert your compatible Fermzilla to a keg!  William’s Brewing has a kit designed to convert this to a UniVessel Fermenter/Keg… Fermzilla Molded Pressure Kit
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Insulating Jacket for 27L FermZilla FE131 – remember promo code SUPERSALE

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