FermZilla 27 Liter Tri Conical Fermenter – on sale for… $99.99! + Hands on Review

Gen3 FermZilla - Tri-Conical - 27L - Starter Kit with handle

FermZilla 27 Liter Conical Fermenter via William’s Brewing

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The Gen3 FermZilla Tri Conical features a 3” Tri-Clamp fitting to attach the dump valve, and a 2” Tri-Clamp fitting to attach the yeast collection vessel. This makes it easy to disassemble the fermenter for cleaning, and to remove and reattach the yeast collection vessel.

The FermZilla can be used in many ways -use it as a basic gravity fermenter with the ability to dump and harvest yeast, or as a pressure fermenter and or keg with optional Spunding Valve part C71 and Pressure Kit part C77, as a chilled fermenter with an optional Temp Twister and Cooling Kit, and even as a Hop Bong Pressure Kit, with the ability to add dry hops without adding oxygen.

Includes a lid with 35 PSI PRV valve, stainless stand, airlock, 1000 ml collection container with lid, and Tri Clamp fittings to assemble and use the fermenter.


  • As of this posting, William’s Brewing has this on sale for just $99.99.
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FermZilla 27 Liter Conical Fermenter

+ Compatible Dry Hop Valve On Sale…

Fermzilla Dry Hop Valve – $9.99

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