Digital Total Dissolved Solids [TDS] Meter – check brewing water and filter performance

WoEluone Water TDS Meter Water Quality Tester, LCD Display Accuracy Testing Water Meter for Drinking Water, Aquariums,RO System and More

Digital TDS Meter

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  • 【TEST YOUR WATER PURITY】: How pure is your water? With this lightweight conductivity meters pen can test the water purity, Just stick it in about 1 inch deep of water, then TDS water tester can tell you your overall water purity level, which will be displayed on the screen in ppm (parts per million).
  • 【 AUTO-OFF FUNCTION】:This TDS meter will be turns off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  • 【ACCURACY AND WIDE MEASUREMENT RANGE】: The premium Titanium Alloy Probe has high test accuracy in +/- 2% Readout Accuracy Testing, which can avoid the interference of magnetic field in water. Testing range from 0-9990 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 1ppm,indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.
  • 【 EASY TO USE AND INSTANTLY】: Just turn TDS meter on and stir water gently, then stabilized readings will be auto-locked on LCD in seconds. Features a hold function that saves measurements for convenient reading and recording.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】: TDS water tester, user manual, Preinstalled 2 pcs 1.5V batteries(LR44),a leater carrying case with belt clip.If you don't 100% satisfy with our TDS meter, please don't hesitate to contact us by order message directly, we will offer you a best solution within 24 hours.


TDS meters can are helpful for brewing if you’re using a RO filter or if you purchase RO (reverse osmosis) water for brewing.  If you’re using an RO filter a TDS meter tells you how effective your filter is and can help you know if your filters need to be replaced.  If you buy RO water, a TDS meter can let you know what you’re getting as some water processors add minerals back for flavor.  A TDS meter will allow you to make sure you’re getting what you want.

RO water can be built up to reflect the exact water profile you’re looking for.  See: Water by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski

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