Digital Heat Temp Controller

Digital Temp Controller

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  • 【Accurate Temperature Control 】This digital thermostat can adjust and provide an optimal temperature for your plants or animals. -4-212°F temperature control range and -40-248℉ temperature display range, 8.4A/1000W 120V is suitable for most heating/cooling equipment. Equipped with a 6ft waterproof NTC sensor, detection accuracy is ±1℉.
  • 【Heating&Cooling Mode】 2 in1 design, our temperature controller has heating and cooling mode, you can use SET key to switch the appropriate mode according to the connected equipment. Tip: these two modes cannot run at the same time, it can only run a mode according to your heating or cooling equipment.
  • 【Multiple Functions】Support over-temperature alarm, you don't need to worry about the temperature being too high or too low. The memory function can back to the last set value after the restart. The fault detection function is that when the prob or output socket fails, you can see the "Err" flashing on the screen.
  • 【Easy to Use】Plug and play. The large LED screen can clearly view the current temperature. Easily switch heating and cooling mode with a button. The hanging hole on the top makes it easy to install on the wall.
  • 【Widely Used】Widely used in heating/cooling equipment. Such as homebrewing, seedling, reptile, incubator, aquarium, heat lamp, fermentation, heat mat for plants, grow tent heater, greenhouse, etc.


Note: This is for heating only.   Also: Homebrew Temp Controller Roundup! and Maintaining Fermentation Temps in Colder Weather

Comfytemp Digital Temperature Controller, Reptile Thermostat with Heating Cooling Mode, -40-248℉, Waterproof Probe 120V 8.4A 1000W – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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