EMD ColorpHast Precision pH Strips + Why Choose These Over a Meter & A Tip That Doubles Value

ColorpHast pH Strips - 4.0 to 7.0 (100 Strips) MT629

EMD colorpHast 4 -7 precision pH strips via MoreBeer

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A simple, reliable way to test the pH of your beer, no meter required!

Quickly test the pH of your mash with confidence using our colorpHast pH strips. These strips are high-quality and made not to run, so you are assured an accurate reading each time. Comes in packs of 100 strips.


Accurate, Narrow Range Strips: These are more accurate and easier to read than most pH test strips.  Use these to check the pH of your mash and of your finished beer.  These offer the same advantages of a pH meter without the cost and maintenance that goes along with a meter.

Why these instead of a pH meter?  pH meters have their place. The downside is they require maintenance and continued cost. You have to calibrate, clean and properly store pH probes for accurate readings.  I believe this is why pH meter reviews tend to skew negative.

Tip… Cut these in half the long way.  You’ve saved 50% and they are still easy to read.

ColorpHast pH Strips – 4.0 to 7.0 (100 Strips) MT629 at MoreBeer

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